Friday, November 18, 2011

Two Kittens have Disappeared

We haven't been having much success trapping any of our feral kitties lately.  It seems they have become wise to the trap.

We had planned to trap Boris and Pepe, two of the males next.   Boris is a clever one.  He goes in to the trap, sometimes managing to stretch his paw and claw some food out, then reverses out again before tripping the door.  Since we have had the females done, Boris seems to be seeking female company elsewhere and we rarely see him now.  He turns up each evening for feeding and then goes off again.  At least we know he is still alive and well.

Pepe will not go anywhere near the trap, even when we don't feed him for a while.  He just sits and looks at it, doubtless thinking up ways to get the food without getting trapped. Either way, he doesn't seem unduly bothered.  He knows we won't let him go hungry for too long.

Sadly, of the three kittens that Dolly produced in September, two have gone missing in the past week or so.  We are really sad about this as one of them had become particularly friendly and allowed us to handle her.  My neighbour discovered she was female after trapping her and taking her to the vet to get her eyes looked at. She was treating her with antibiotics and eye drops when she suddenly went missing along with her sibling.  We are hoping that someone has adopted them or trapped them for rehoming.  I dread to think of the alternative scenarios.  It's quite sad to see Dolly and her one remaining kitten looking a bit bewildered about the whole thing.  Dolly is at my door more often and even comes in now.  But I think this is only because she thinks we may have her kittens inside.  We were actively looking for homes for the three
kittens but were going to hold on to them ourselves if we couldn't find homes.

I hope nothing bad has happened to them.  They live a wild life out there.

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